We do invest in
our planet

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We generate 100% clean energy in 
the fight against climate change

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We look after water so that everyone 
has access to this vital resource

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Experts in designing 
a better planet

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Liam Hemsworth

We should find ways to create clean energies, reduce pollution, plastic consumption and ensure universal access to clean water #InvestInThePlanet

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Amaro Gómez-Pablos

@ACCIONA_EN has built Latin America’s largest photovoltaic plant in the Atacama desert. That’s what having vision and health means #InvestInThePlanet

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Andrew Knapp

@ACCIONA_EN is moving towards more sustainable practices and showing us that investing in the planet is the best investment that we can make #InvestInThePlanet

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Leonor Varela

@ACCIONA_EN has become a carbon-neutral company, showing that it is possible to generate energy without harming our planet #InvestInThePlanet

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Marc Gasol

In 2016, @ACCIONA_EN avoided the emission of about 15 million tonnes of CO2. It’s a huge achievement #InvestInThePlanet

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Karla Souza

@ACCIONA_EN has a positive water footprint and plants that treat water to provide access to 100 million people #InvestInThePlanet

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Acciona contributes to the 
sustainable development goals